New all-electric Local Link route 438 starting Monday 22 May, connecting villages north of Galway City to Galway, Headford and Tuam with 3 buses/day, 7 days/week. This service will bring a number of Galway villages who were not previously served by timetabled public transport on to the national network.

Map showing the estimated route of the new 438 bus service heading north from Galway City, turning left to go through Mionlach/Menlo, coming out and then turning left again to go along the coast of Lough Corrib to Eanach DhĂșin, then East over the N84 and then North West to Headford and then East to Tuam.
Timetable for new bus service, with three departures leaving Galway at 0930, 1340 and 1725, and from Tuam at 0730, 1200 and 1545. Also a service from Headford leaving at 0700 and returning from Tuam at 1900.