Links 2018-01-14: including cryptocurrency cynicism, the origins of the Iraq war in 1990s WWII nostalgia, naming things, mens fashion and the 17 year-old in Ratoath teaching the world how to (maybe) make a fortune.

Starting a new job today. The commute is very nice.

[Weekly links 2018-01-07](

Great coffee returns to Limerick’s Mallow Street. So happy!

@aaronblock I enjoyed your blog post about using Swift as a teaching language. Curious to know how changes in Swift 3/4 have made a difference, e.g. readLine()?

Interesting news for iOS devs – Buddybuild has been acquired by Apple. There have been consistent improvements in continuous integration/delivery in Xcode over the past few years but this could be a big step change. I wonder if they will make the additions to Xcode Server or will they switch to a cloud model for testing and deployment?

A new experiment I’m running – [a weekly list of links to things I enjoyed reading over the week.]( Feedback welcome!

New podcast episode! If you’re looking for some holiday gaming recommendations, Baz and Dave have some good ones towards the end.

New post: “Eight opinionated tips for people learning Swift”

When you close a street to traffic, you open it to hearts and minds.

Final step with – verify that this site is hooked up to my account, which hopefully I just did with that link!

Think everything is hooked up now. I can even post to my own microblog from the app! Love the simplicity of it all. Kudos to @manton for allowing me to take control of my own content. Wonder if that @ mention will work?

Hopefully this is now set up to post to – am taking notes and might do a writeup later.

Weekend project start (this!) new micro-blog and hook it up to – going for an off-the-shelf wordpress theme to get it up and running quickly